Classical School of Thought (Classical Theory of Criminology) by Cesare Beccaria- Paul John Azores

This lesson is about one of many fundamental and foundational theories of Criminology, the Classical School of Thought, which different calls additionally because the Classical Theory based by Cesare Beccaria and Jeremy Bentham.

This concept is anchored to “Freewill” and “Hedonism”. Freewill, as a result of man has the liberty to decide on, whether or not he’ll abide or break the regulation, and Hedonism which believed that man is a pleasure seeker, and need to keep away from ache. Therefore, being a free particular person, each time he sees that he can obtain extra pleasure in committing against the law, he’ll do it, but when the ache or punishment is bigger than ache, he shall be prevented from committing the identical.

Cesare Beccaria is thought additionally for his contribution of opposing torture; crime prevention; proportionate punishment and deterrence.