Punitive & reformative Treatment of Criminals -CSS Criminology/PMS [ Urdu/Hindi]

What are the different kinds of crimes? A crime is a crime punishable by a state. Criminal offenses can be separated into four significant categories – Personal criminal offenses, Residential property criminal offenses, Inchoate crimes, as well as Legal crimes. Personal criminal offenses are offenses versus the individual and also will certainly lead to mental or physical harm to another individual. These include Attack, Battery, False jail time, Kidnapping, Homicide, and also Rape or various other offenses of a sexual nature.

Property crimes do not necessarily involve injury to one more person. Inchoate criminal activities implies insufficient or the criminal activities that were begun however not completed.

Statutory criminal activities are violations of a specific state or government law and also can include either residential property offenses or personal violation. These include alcohol-related crimes such as dui as well as selling alcohol to a minor. The different levels of seriousness for the criminal activities can be categorized right into Felony and Misdemeanor. Felony are serious criminal activities such as Murder, Kidnapping, as well as Burglary and also brings a year or even more in state prison. Offense, on the other hand, are much less serious criminal activities such as Shoplifting or Drunk driving and typically carries a fine as well as jail sentence of less than a year.

State legislations may better split the classifications of criminal activities right into subcategories. Offenses against the person might be separated into the groups of “Fierce criminal activities” and “Non-violent criminal offenses”. Some states likewise put Sexual criminal activities in their very own category. These classifications are likewise developed for the purpose of sentencing. Criminal offenses can also be split according to criminal intent.

The significant intent categories are General intent criminal activities and Specific intent criminal activities. Criminal activities are not quickly defined and there are several various types as well as variants.

Remember, each state is various in exactly how the legislation is created, how the habits is managed, and also the fines that each criminal offense possibly brings. Some habits may be prohibited in one state and also not in others. So it is necessary to talk to a criminal protection attorney in your state if you’re dealing with criminal costs.

Criminal offenses can be divided right into four major categories – Individual criminal activities, Residential property criminal offenses, Inchoate criminal offenses, as well as Statutory criminal offenses. Personal criminal offenses are offenses versus the person and also will result in mental or physical injury to another person. Inchoate criminal offenses suggests incomplete or the crimes that were started yet not finished. Offenses versus the person may be divided into the groups of “Terrible crimes” and “Non-violent criminal activities”.


Second Section of Criminology for the CSS/PMS students contains following points, Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Justice System and role of police and juvenile courts, The Criminal Justice System, Punitive and reformative treatment of Criminals.
But in this CSS video lecture of Criminology Sir Mushahid haider focused on Punitive & reformative Treatment of Criminals , The theories of criminal punishments, purposes of criminal justice system, Corporal punishments, Imprisonments, Rehabilitation of criminals, Purpose of rehabilitation, Reforms achieved through punitive and reformative treatment of Criminals CSS Criminology lectures & PMS Criminal punishment theories as: Deterrence, specific deterrence, Incapacitation, Rehabilitation, Diversion, Retribution, Restitution, Restoration,
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