Texta – Bonus Beat (Instrumental)

From “Geschwiegen” Instrumental LP – Craft029 – 1998 – Austria

I couln’t find any of those instrumentals on the net at all, so i thought i share some of them with you, if you consider buying this rare Lp from somewhere. “Flip” from “Texta” who is responsible for this beat, is producing dopeness for lots of years in a great diversity of styles …

… check http://www.tontraeger-records.com/ for more information. Flip, if you have a problem with me uploading this, drop me a line and i’ll remove it … but it’s downrendered mp3 quality anyway.

i will not rip the whole thing and put it online … buy records, support artists …

A1 Walkmania
A2 Nachtmensch
A3 Millionen Personen
A4 Lebe In Den Tag
B5 Laima’s Dimension
B6 Kriminologie
B7 Hiphopgedanken Zwei
B8 Globaler Respekt
B9 Bonus Beat

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